Düsseldorf, den 24.06.2018

International Visitors Welcome!

As we recognize a growing audience from all over the world, we have to apologize for not having any multilingual support yet.


I hope to let the website grow in that direction.


Selling and repairing bicycles and engines was meant to be a regional business first, but we have visitors from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, the UK, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, Namibia and many other places from all over this planet. 


People love to have engines in their bicycles - and DÜSSELRAD would not want to let you suffer, only because our Site is written in german. No matter if you are Kisuaheli, Innuit or Pakistani - we can do some communication!


I still have my problems with japanese language, but we can try :-)


Please feel free to ask for information on your special topic in English, French, Italian or Spanish language via E-Mail. You will be answered soon in one of these languages then.


Düsselrad is proud of being in touch with the world, please feel at home on our site and visit the shop some day, you are welcome any day, any language!

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